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Farooqia College of Pharmacy, Mysore was started in the year 1980 with D.Pharm Course and in 1992 with B.Pharm course. It has an inviable track record of success and progress. In Karnataka it has its own reputation for discipline, efficiency and standard.

Farooqia College of Pharmacy was started by Rifa-Hul Muslimeen Educational Trust, Mysore, the credit for founding and promoting well-intentioned, well managed and well renowned institutions rightfully goes to eminent Muslims like Mohsin-ul-Mulk, Mohammed Sait, Alhaj Abdul Sattar, Abba Sait, Janab Yousuff Ali Khan, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Advocate) & Azeez-ul-Mulk Azeez Sait.

The RMET runs several institutions under its banner like Dental, Women’s Polytechnic, Many Boys High School, Girls High School, Teachers training institute etc.,

  • Prof. Riaz Ahmed, President

  • Dr. Syed Akheel, Ahmed Vice President

  • Mr. Taj Mohammed Khan, Secretary

  • Mr. K.C.Shoukath Pasha, Joint Secretary

  • Mr. M. Sayeed Ahmed, Trustee

  • Dr. Abdul Rahman, Trustee

  • Mr. Akbar Sayeed, Trustee

  • Dr. Muneer Ahmed, Trustee

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